CMS for Web Designers

A CMS for web designers is the perfect solution for you to quickly and easily create excellent content management services for each of your customers. You can do this under your own brand. It is an easy-to-use and open source system that empowers you to create engaging websites for your clients at any time.

This content management system is simple for you, as a designer, to use, and it is also easy for non-designers. You can use it to market and optimize websites for various search engines. Also, you can scale and manage many sites with this CMS without much trouble.

The system provides click and edit features, and it is intuitive and simple to use. You can update your clients’ websites in a few easy steps. The system features a secure members’ area so that you can create more complicated sites for your customers who need sites that can store user accounts safely.

Another benefit of this system is that you can create mobile-optimized sites. Millions of people don’t just use a computer to access the Internet. They are using their phones while they are out and about, or they are using their tablets. It is essential that businesses have a mobile-optimized site that enables potential customers to easily access all features of the site.

From this system, you can also update blogs and the news sections of multiple sites. As a multiple-site manager, you have to constantly add announcements and new content. You can send emails to your clients’ email lists without any trouble with our automated, integrated email feature. This saves you the trouble of sending individual emails.

With integrated media optimization, you can update sites with media with little effort. Websites you manage will be easy on the eye, and you can optimally share information visually whenever you upload new video or photos to them for your clients.

The system also features an inline CSS edition and integrated social networking. You can update clients’ customers and target audience with just a few clicks across the major social media platforms.

Changing the appearance and content of your clients’ websites as often as you want is a breeze, too. Help your clients expand their businesses with unique and powerful sites. We make the job simple with our CMS for web designers.

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