SEO Software for Agencies

Using our cloud-based interface, you can offer your clients automated execution and reporting for a variety of marketing tools, including SEO, and social networking. Using the best SEO software for agencies, you can provide these services to several websites at one time using a centralized, cloud-based framework you can use for more than one client at a time.

With multi-site SEO automation, you can save big on expenses and hassle. You can create and implement SEO strategies across multiple sites that are fine-tuned down to a single page. You can also come up with as many rules as you want for meta-data, URLs, and website content. The best part? You can use SEO and linking tools for all of the websites you manage in one simple step. This saves you time and effort in analyzing compliance for basic tasks so that you can spend more of your effort on strategy to grow your business.

You can also avoid creating list of keywords and phrases with our accurate search rankings from Google. Just connect your Google webmaster tool account, and you’re ready to go. With our unlimited search ranking history database, you can access more data than just the 90-days that Google offers. You’ll see top rankings, new keywords, and the most popular five obtained from one or more websites you manage.

With our comprehensive dashboard, you can get see all the right information for your clients in one place. This can include SEO, social network, PR, voice and SMS, and assets. You can see who is discussing and what the links across the discussions are. Additionally, you can see reputation alerts and real-time traffic for each of the websites and brands you manage. You can also see how your ecommerce sites are doing and get deep SEO reports, in addition to social network analytics. This helps you keep on top of how each of your marketing strategies is doing at any moment.

Geolocated local SEO results help you get all the websites you are in charge of on the map so that your clients can stand out among the local or international competition. You can stay on top of local search results due to our specialized localized content.  

With our tools, you can also back up, change up, and change back to an original version with our SEO service. You can test out SEO guerilla strategies in stealth mode, and archive other versions of your site that were previously optimized for certain words and phrases.

With tools like these, it’s no wonder our SEO software for agencies is the best.

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