Ask Your Caterer: How Many Servers Do You Need For Your Corporate Banquet?

Are you hosting a corporate banquet? Make sure that you ask the provider of catering northern VA just how many servers you’re going to need. They will be able to give you an outline of what you need to consider when it comes to distinguishing the number of wait staff that must be present at the banquet.

Below are some of the things that can help you determine how many servers you’ll have in your corporate banquet.


The amount of guests that are invited is perhaps the most important factor that you have to consider when it comes to determining the number of servers you’ll need. The more guests that you have definitely increase the waiters that are going to be required. However, this isn’t always a number that can be determined by the number of guests alone.

Food Service

How will the food be served to your guests? A buffet food service can greatly reduce the number of servers that you’ll need because you only have to work with a bare minimum to manage the food being served at the buffet. A common number of servers per buffet table is 2 for every 30 guests.

A sit-down dinner will require that you have at least 1 server for every 8 to 12 seat table. They can also serve your guests with water, wine, and other beverages, but it is necessary that you ask your catering northern VA if the number of servers has to be increased.

For your corporate banquet, deciding whether you are going to need a bartender is almost a foregone conclusion. Most corporate settings have people with at least a drink in their hand. 1 bartender for every 50 to 70 guests is a good number that you can work with when totaling the number of servers.

For every addition that you include in your catering northern VA preferences, the number of servers might go up. Are you thinking of serving coffee? Will you be serving desserts in stations? Will food refills be manned separately? These are the questions that your caterer might ask you.


Supervision can be a huge factor when it comes to the number of servers. A supervisor can impact how seamlessly the servers are working together. If your catering northern VA can provide you with the services of a supervisor with a tremendous amount of experience, it is possible that you can cut down in size of your servers.

This is why some caterers offer to include a supervisor with the roster as an add-on. While it can increase the amount of funds required to host the corporate banquet, it can really affect how your event is going to be perceived. Someone directing traffic is always perceived better by professionals.

Having a supervisor can also help you detach yourself from the organization of the event. Instead of constantly having to worry about what is going on during the event and what needs to be done, you are able to participate in it while the banquet continues to go smoothly.

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