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Inverters – the best way to deal with the power cuts

The power inverter is an innovation of technology that has helped the people in better living. But the solar inverter is something which is actually a boon to the areas where the electricity power supply cannot reach. The rural areas are now able to get the electricity supply with the help of the solar inverters. These inverters make use of solar energy and hence they can be used effectively in areas that have good sunlight irrespective of the fact that there is electricity or not.

Solar inverters

Solar inverters use solar energy to run. Solar inverters transform the DC input into the AC output. These are charged through the photovoltaic array. These inverters are more in demand because they can also be used on the area where the electricity supply is not sufficient. Solar inverters are very powerful and can supply the electricity for longer time.

Various types of the solar inverters are there in the market. Some of them are given here you can have a look on them:

Stand alone inverters:

Solar inverter uses the battery which is charged with the help of the photovoltaic array. It draws the energy from the photovoltaic array in the form of the Dc input. The stand alone inverters are of various types: square wave, pure sine power inverter, modifies sine wave etc.

Grid tie inverters:

This is the best option when you need to match the output voltage and current perfectly. These inverters contain the computer on board which sense the AC current and outputs the voltage accordingly. There are various kinds of the grid tie inverter available in the market like: conventional low frequency and high frequency types.

Battery backup inverters:

The battery backup inverters draw the energy from the battery. The special features of these inverters are that they do charge the battery on board and transfers the excess energy to the utility grid.

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