The Truth about Personal Beauty and Aging

The Atlantic published an excellent article on January 3 (2019) discussing the reality of skincare and its association with wealth. Writer Amanda Mull delved openly and honestly into some of the less talked about secrets of skincare to reveal something our culture doesn’t like to talk about: wealth can buy you a lot of skincare products and procedures that average Americans just can’t afford.

Forming the foundation of Mull’s piece is the obvious fact that there is no way to actually stop the aging process. Every day a person gets up is another day that person’s body ages. So when we talk about natural skincare products and healthy living as a means of achieving younger looking skin, what we are really talking about is aesthetics. The skin ages whether a person has a regular skincare regimen or not.

Mull’s article was a wake-up call to a lot of consumers as evidenced by some of the comments that readers left. But it might have also left some people wondering where to go from here. After all, if Mull’s supposition that the “best skincare trick is being wealthy” is true, that puts a lot of people in the position of not achieving the younger looking skin they desire.

Pursue Personal Beauty Instead

The solution for the skincare-wealth dilemma might be found in the business philosophy of a Massachusetts company known as Poethique. The company’s founder started Poethique out of a desire to help women pursue their own vision of personal beauty. All of the company’s products are based in all-natural ingredients combined with beauty knowledge gleaned from years of research and world travels.

Personal beauty is a concept that says each of us gets to define for ourselves what constitutes beauty. For some people, crow’s feet are a beautiful thing that speak of wisdom and experience. For others, crow’s feet are the first warning sign of future wrinkles. Both kinds of people are completely valid in their thinking.

The primary benefit of the personal beauty approach is that those who practice it don’t have to be slaves to fashion magazines, advice offered by actresses and models, etc. They make their own choices based on how they define beauty for themselves. If nothing else, embracing personal beauty is freeing.

Product and Lifestyle Choices

The freedom granted by the personal beauty concept gives people the opportunity to choose their own skincare products and lifestyles without undue influence. Of course, this does not negate what science has already proven to be true. For example, it is a medical fact that getting enough sleep is necessary to good health.

Even a person who cannot afford high-end skincare products can work on getting enough sleep. Yes, there are extenuating circumstances (like rotating shift work) that get in the way of sleep, but most of us do have the means to get to bed earlier.

Healthy eating and exercise are also medically proven to be beneficial. It is important to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, and get regular exercise. All of those things make a person healthier from head to toe. And yet none of them will stop the aging process. We will still grow old.

The point here is that our product and lifestyle choices are not an end unto themselves. Buying the right deep cleansing oil and combining it with a daily skincare regimen, plenty of sleep, and a healthy lifestyle isn’t going to stop a person from aging. So maybe it’s time our culture learns to stop obsessing over actresses and models and, instead, embrace Poethique’s philosophy of personal beauty.

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